Beyond Realty Group International: The Triple Threat

March 19, 2018


Real estate investing involves a heavy dose of capital and is not easy to walk away from after a property is already bought. Engaging a professional in this process can help you in this complex transaction. This is where Beyond Realty Group International enters the scene. This multidisciplinary real estate firm specializes in various areas of property management and is staffed with highly experienced professionals.

Property Acquisition

property acquisition

If you have a vision about your prospective real estate property, Beyond Realty Group International can assist you in turning that vision into Realty. The firm has an extensive roster of properties, spread across the city. Whether you are looking for an ocean facing penthouse or a quiet yet luxurious holiday apartment, Beyond Realty Group International can help you find the one that best meets your needs.

Beyond Realty Group International’s longstanding relations with real estate developers ensure that the firm is able to offer you something that suits your proclivities. Its arsenal of seasoned professionals is well qualified to guide you through every step of the real estate investment process. So, let our team guide you through various stages including property scouting, appraisal, and ultimately acquiring the property.

With Beyond Realty Group International by your side, you can rest assured that you will never need to make any compromise that does not sit well with you.

Architecture and Interior Designing

Buying a property is just the first step in creating your real estate portfolio. In order to turn that property into your dream property, you need help from design pros. These pros can transform the house or space with their architectural and interior decoration expertise. Beyond Realty Group International offers highly customized solutions to best cater to your needs.

We have an in-house division called BRG Studio LLC, which specializes in providing architectural and interior design advisory. Our firm specializes in high end, modern designs, customized to suit the individual tastes of the clients.

The firm’s approach ensures that each of our creation is unique in its style and looks. Whether you need a floor plan for your new apartment or are planning to upgrade your existing property, Beyond Realty Group International can offer you a comprehensive set of services.

Property Management

property managment

Professional property management services are specifically designed for people like you in mind. With several properties in the portfolio, it may become difficult for a person to manage their investments without professional assistance.

Beyond Realty Group International offers a wide range of property management services such as maintenance, organization, and supervisory services. The firm’s collaborations with condo associations management and concierge staff ensure that you receive seamless services and that your property is taken care of in the best possible manner.

Some of the services provided by Beyond Realty Group International are monthly bill management, emergency property preparedness, and household maintenance. With these services, we ensure that all your property related bills and taxes are taken care of with acumen.

Beyond Realty Group International undertakes regular repairs and housekeeping services to keep your property in stellar condition. We may also assist you with other services including medical services by offering specialist referrals. We cover lots of ground!



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