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Enterprise Florida to Head Trade Mission to Brazil

February 3, 2018

State economic development agency, Enterprise Florida, is set to deploy a trade mission for the first time. It will be limited to only service providers. The travel dates are set for June 23-27 and the destination is São Paulo, Brazil.

“The reason we’re doing this is that we are among the top four states in exporting services,” stated Manny Mencia. Mencia is the senior VP of Coral Gables-based international trade and development for Enterprise Florida. He went on, elaborating. “Florida has one of the largest concentrations of knowledge-based service providers.”

Enterprise Florida is looking to add a wide range of service providers to embark on the trade mission. They’re reaching out to several types of service providers including the following: marketing and advertising, insurance, both environmental and financial services, logistics and transportation, and telecommunications. According to Manny Mencia, these are just a few of the many divisions of service provides they’re encouraged to join the trade mission.

There were many motivating factors in the decision to settle on São Paulo. Mencia went on to elaborate, “We chose to go to São Paulo since the Brazilian economy has a huge services sector. It’s the largest sector in the country, which isn’t surprising.”

The deadline for applying for the trade mission is in April, and while there are still spaces available, service providers are encouraged to quickly apply before losing out.

Carlos Guerra, who is the manager of international trade and development for Enterprise Florida, advised the mission, “Constitutes a great opportunity for local service companies.” He backs his statement up with some hefty figures or a total of $18.2 billion in bilateral trade between Florida and Brazil in 2016. If that doesn’t motivate, what will?  

Mr. Mencia reaches out to the service providers, highlighting the opportunities presented. “If you’re a service company, this is a great opportunity,” he then explains their expectations for the number of service providers needed, “we’re shooting for 25 companies” to take part in the mission.

A service provider is expected to submit information to the Enterprise Florida to be considered as a contender for the service trade mission. Following the submission of the information, Enterprise Florida will then forward the information to the U.S. Commercial Services Brazil office, where the company’s services will be carefully evaluated and assessed to see if they are a good match for the needed services.

The application process is still underway, and Enterprise Florida is working to select their 25 companies.

When questioned, Guerra explained some information on the service industry in Brazil. The Brazilian service sector is responsible for 67.5% of the gross domestic product. The service sector also employs an average of 66% of Brazil’s workforce.

He continued on, “Florida companies are well-positioned to benefit from this opportunity, and the export sales mission will provide [companies] with an excellent chance to enter or expand local businesses in Brazil.”

Enterprise Florida has always been highly involved in international missions. There are other plans in the works, including an upcoming export sales mission to San Jose, Costa Rica coming at the end of this month. Enterprise Florida also just completed a health mission to Dubai, the mission running until Feb 1st. Enterprise Florida will continue to lead the way in foreign missions.

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