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YotelPad: Chic Living in Downtown Miami

Miami is a growing city and companies like MIAMI, also known as CBMiami, work hard to keep on top of the ever increasing demands. MIAMI is a company known for micro hotels, their most recent project, YotelPad, stays true to their brand. This YotelPad will be the first location along the United State’s East coast.

Aria Development is the company responsible for the development of the YotelPad concept. The YotelPad will be part hotel and part residence. YotelPad is an extension of the original YOTEL and the YOTELAIR cabins. The luxury appointed apartments were purposefully designed as compact homes, known as ‘PADs‘, allowing a traveler an economic, yet stylish place to stay when traveling the world for business or for pleasure.  Located in downtown Miami (227 NE 2nd Street) and boasting 208 residential units situated above 250 hotel cabins, the new YotelPad is looking to be a star of downtown Miami.

David Arditi, Principal of Aria Development, shares his enthusiasm for the project when he reveals the motivation behind the construction of the new YotelPad, “Downtown Miami is emerging as a high-energy place to live, shop and work. With YotelPad Miami, we are meeting the strong demand for service-oriented, urban-chic apartments.”

The Yotel brand was created with space and technology optimization in mind. The intent of the Yotel brand is to use the technological advancements and ideal downtown location to appeal to their intended market, which are young professionals and potential investors. Yotel is no average hotel and residence. It offers state of the art amenities such as a gourmet coffee bar, an on location restaurant and bar and a space for co-working. It also offers a lounge, a 24/7 gym, ample storage, bike and gear lockers, a pool deck, and even its very own on site pet spa. To top it all off, there is concierge service for even the most discriminant resident. What’s not to love?

The location will offer several different living options, besides the hotel cabins there will also be studio apartments as well as both one and two bedrooms apartments.  The floor plans feature beautiful floor to ceiling glass doors. The units vary in square footage with the studio apartments at 425 square feet and the luxurious two bedroom units coming in at a well appointed 700 square feet with luxury ensuite bathrooms and fully equipped kitchenettes.

“We see great synergy in combining the innovative, high-design elements of the YOTEL brand with modern, urban residences in a city like Miami,” explained Fahad Al-Shamlan who is the Vice President of Investments & Acquisitions for AQARAT. AQARAT is a leading real estate company from Kuwait. AQARAT has joined forces with the development company in the creation of the new YotelPad brand in Miami.

The estimated date of completion of this project has not yet been released but the units will be well worth the wait. The starting price tag for units inside the Yotel are estimated to be around $250,000.

YOTEL launches YOTELPAD – a smarter way of living. Five new YOTELPAD deals mark YOTEL’s arrival in the extended stay segment reinforcing the brand’s ability to optimise space through clever design and smart technology. (PRNewsfoto/YOTEL)

Will Miami be Amazon’s Newest Headquarters Location?

Miami city officials have been on the edge of their seats waiting for information on where Amazon will host its second headquarters.

“We would like to move Miami forward in the process so we can continue to learn more about your community, your talent, and potential real estate options,” words written by Amazon executive, Holly Sullivan. She continued on, “Please email me back with available times for a call so we can discuss next steps.”

Miami was one of 20 other locations within the United States and Canada to be considered as a hub for Amazon’s new headquarters. The additional headquarters will provide an estimated 50,000 jobs and $5 billion in investment monies to the winning city, enticements that have caused more than a little excitement in local governments. These numbers are figures Amazon has quoted city officials, which has sparked competition between the final 20 cities under consideration. 238 cities and regions applied to host the newest Amazon headquarters. Many locations used motivators such as promised tax breaks to encourage Amazon to look to them to host. Miami, an international city, also added a youthful, professional work pool to draw from, which is always an appealing feature for new businesses.

Some other contenders besides Miami are obvious choices like Denver and Dallas, as well as some more unexpected locations such as Columbus, Nashville, and Newark. Austin, Los Angeles, and New York also made the list of finalists. For larger cities like Los Angeles and New York, having Amazon on their list of employers would really boost their lead in the tech industry.

The remaining of the 20 finalists are the following locations; Atlanta, Chicago, Indianapolis, Montgomery County, Virginia, Philadelphia, Raleigh, Washington and one location outside of the United States, Toronto, Canada.

 Amazon had to whittle down the contenders from 238 to 20, and rejected applications from Detroit, Phoenix and San Diego. In addition the company rejected all bids coming from Mexico. A large number of cities along the east coast made the list, the company straying away from the already booming technology hubs that are wound in the West.

“Getting from 238 to 20 was very tough — all the proposals showed tremendous enthusiasm and creativity,” Ms. Sullivan, Amazon’s head of economic development, gave some insight into their thought process. “Through this process we learned about many new communities across North America that we will consider as locations for future infrastructure investment and job creation.” Amazon has been keeping a lid on most of their requirements for companies to make the cut, giving only small details to entice cities to make a bid for their business. Amazon was very forward regarding the fact that the decisions they made are strongly based on the initial criteria they established. The decision was not made lightly. Over a dozen people within the company worked together to build the list of the final 20 cities under consideration.

Now that the list has been whittled down to 20, Amazon will reveal more information with city leaders and work with them directly to find the city that works best for them.  Amazon will make their selection later in 2018.

Amazon is looking for specific details from the final 20, including potential building locations to host the large headquarters as well as crime and traffic stats. Amazon is also looking for prime tax incentives that will help defray the costs of building and operating a business as large as the internet giant.

Apple, another prominent leader in technology announced they are also looking to build a new, large location.  They will not be using the same selection process as Amazon. Rather than having a public bidding war, they will research locations and decide for themselves which US city will be the new home for Apple’s newest location.

TeCompetition will be strong and cities will eagerly await the decision of Amazon.

Chinese Investors are in Love with Miami.

Miami is a city that appeals to Chinese investors. It’s viewed as a global city and as a great investment. Caroline Li Griffith, a private real estate investor from Zhenjiang offers her insight on why Miami appeals to Chinese investors. “As a real estate investment, Miami has much lower price points than Shanghai and Beijing which is very attractive.”

Griffith, having just purchased her third luxury condo in Miami, is a bit of a self-proclaimed expert. She divides her time between Miami and New York. The laid-back atmosphere, friendly people, and beautiful weather in Miami had her falling in love. Griffith prefers buying her condo units in their pre-construction phases. She explains, “When I buy pre-construction, I can pay in installments before completion which is also attractive.” Her most recent purchases were located in the Paramount Miami Worldcenter. Prices for one-bedroom units begin around $800,000 and two-bedroom units just over $1,000,000. Completion on her units isn’t expected until 2019, but Griffith is looking forward to the financial benefits those condos will bring.

Miami condos offer more than just comfortable living. Griffith purchases condos not only for her own enjoyment, but also because of the attraction to world travelers who are looking for more than a hotel. “I like condos for investment because they are easier to manage.” She has options to explore though, as she is debating on renting one of the units to her mother who currently resides in Argentina, or keeping it for herself as a second home.

Miami is a hub for foreign money, especially coming from Latin America. The cash flow appeals to Chinese investors. Expert William Hardin, PhD (Professor of Finance and Real Estate at Florida International University in Miami) explains why Miami is so appealing to purchases, both foreign and domestic, “Miami is being developed as a product for people who want to own high quality real estate at a certain price point. Developers here have been very successful with that and it’s got what today’s investors from China want.”

Hardin continues on, “The wealth created in China is staggering. Real estate investment in the United States especially in a booming and fast growing metropolitan city like Miami represents little economic risk to them. They see real estate here as discounted. If this level of luxury product even exists in Beijing or Shanghai, the prices can easily be three to four times more. It’s a lifestyle for the Chinese and other foreign investors which is really a consumable investment where they can take a return and get their money out.”

Some companies such as One World Properties, are creating real estate services focused on primarily selling Miami property to Chinese investors in Shanghai. Peggy Fucci, CEO of One World Properties elaborates on this “There is so much business coming from China that I felt I needed to establish a strong presence there. I found traveling a few times a year isn’t the same as having a permanent office.”

Fucci an expert, having been in the real estate field for several years states her clients typically purchase two properties. Similar to Caroline Li Griffith they plan to use one of the properties as an investment and the other as a personal property.

“Miami has long been an international city appealing to a mainly South American market. I’ve seen the demographics change over the last five years. The Chinese now rank as our third top buyer. With all our luxury amenities including; shopping, dining and entertainment they see Miami as the Hong Kong of the West,” Fucci explains.

Miami will continue to draw international investors.

Paramount Miami is halfway to the top

Construction is moving along quickly at the Paramount Miami Worldcenter, with the project recently hitting its halfway mark. Miami’s future amenities king is currently 70 percent sold with over 48 nationalities represented amid the buyers, per a representative.

The building is the first condo tower for sale within the Miami Worldcenter development and encompasses over 500 units. Among its selection of amenities, the future residents will enjoy tennis courts, swimming pool, hiking trail, playground, picnic area, and pool cabanas starting at $295,000. On the 9th floor of the tower, a football field will be available to the residents who may want to risk kicking the soccer ball while enjoying the beautiful city view.

The project is located on a 27 acres site, and it’s promised to transform the downtown area upon completion. Paramount is expected to top off during the summer of 2018, now the completion is scheduled for the first quarter of 2019.

For more details, please visit www.brgintl.com.

Success in NY and LA, the Ice Cream Museum Arrives in Miami

Woke up this morning feeling like you need to swim in a pool of ice cream sprinkles? Don’t you worry, because after Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York, it is Miami Beach’s turn to win the Museum of Ice Cream. The interactive (and delicious) attraction that will showcase some of the world’s most famous frozen dessert story.

Some of the Museum highpoints include the colorful and super attractive rooms with a swimmable pool filled with 100 million sprinkles, a gummy bear mural, a banana split made of 10,000 “bananas,” and a jungle of melting ice pops. Miami’s décor version plays with the art deco architecture, key lime pie, and palm trees.

According to the creators, the gallery it’s a place where creativity can be transformed into real experience. “Our mission is to bring people together and provoke their imagination.” Of course, whoever visits the museum will have the chance to taste delicious samples (included in the cost of admission).

The museum opened its doors on December 13 as part of Art Basel Miami 2017, the city’s largest art event, and it is in the Faena District at Mid-Beach – 3400 Collins Avenue, Miami.

Museum of Ice Cream

Where: Faena District, 3400 Collins Ave, Miami Beach

Tickets: $38 plus tax

For more information visit: museumoficecream.com; or call: 855-258-0719